Istria before the Roman Empire

Take a walk on the hills near Poreč with remains of the ancient Histri civilization dated 4000 years ago. Learn how the town thrived before the arrival of the Roman Empire.

  • 3-4 hours walking tour
  • hiking the three hills near the town of Poreč with guidance by a licensed tour guide
  • Learn about the ancient civilization of Histri who prospered in these parts long before the Romans arrived
  • Learn about specific towns architecture and ways of life of the Histri people
  • short break with a picnic lunch
  • Return to our starting point
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Your guide in Istria
Hrvoje Roksandic – Histria Guide

Licensed tour guide for the region of Istria, outdoors man and a local connoisseur of history, food and unusual places. BA in tourism management, leader of both adventurous and leisure tours, experienced hiker, nature lover with a special connection to his home region.


Hrvoje Roksandić (H.) – Histria Guide
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